Back on Track

Good morning fellow  Geeks! 

I thought I would welcome you to this Wednesday morning with some teasers, some information, and some apologies. First, the apologies. We wanted to run this store full-steam ahead. Reality is often much more complicated than that. The Geeks Team ended up needing to move from Spokane, Washington back to Portland, Oregon and that took up far more of our time and energy than we realized. We started this store to open up not just our own games, but those of others, to the rest of the community. But we got too busy to focus on anything other than transitioning on our family. We are working hard now to get this back on track. 

Second, some teasers! I think, if you follow me (Head Writing Geek) or our Head Geek on Twitter or Instagram you know that we have some fun new projects coming up. We will be running Kickstarters for one of them, but one of them could be available right here, very soon. This Writing Geek has been working on a children's companion story to our upcoming game Tike's Dungeon. Myke the Mender and Dave and Defender are going to get into an adorable situation and might even manage to make a new friend along the way. Be on the lookout for a funny, sweet, and even daring new book to hit the store very soon! 

And lastly some information. We have some really great products up on our store. If you haven't checked us out in the past, or you have but maybe haven't checked in for a while, we have some awesome new shirts that you can order. There are Adventure Post shirts for sale, you can get them with just the Adventure Post logo on the front, or you can get them printed with that plus the full size map of Adventure Post. There is also a fun shirt that we have made that might describe your tiny terror! Look for the image below this post for what a tank top version of the shirt looks like. These shirts come in all shapes and sizes and can be ordered from our partner site by following the links in our store. 


We look forward to getting back to work here, and getting back to putting up great products in our store. Thanks to those who have supported us, thanks to those who have bought some of our games, and thanks to everyone who is reading this right now! Tell your friends. Tell your fellow geeks. We are back, baby! 

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