Coming Soon: Miniatures and A New Game

Good afternoon, Geeks! 

I am back with a new update. The update is that we are going to be adding miniatures to our product line up here in the next couple of weeks. Also be on the look out, sometime soon, for the continuation of our fun postcard game that went wild on Kickstarter earlier this year! If you haven't seen Adventure Post you can find it here, on our shop, and get the whole experience for yourself. The second part, the sci-fi version, will be released to our Backers first, and will be available after delivery of that for everyone else to purchase. 

Be sure you check out our newest products! We are hard at work to bring you guys some quality content, which right now means we are working on gifts! Cute clothes, an idea for a fun mug might be in the works over here between the Head Geeks, and a variety of other fun product for your big (and little) Geeks. We're thrilled with the products, and their quality. We've purchased a few of them ourselves and have been wearing them. We're trying to figure out which ones to get next! 


Keep yourselves up to date by subscribing and following us on social media. We try to keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening over on our various social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all prime locations to find us and all coming products. Going to be working hard to update the store as much as possible and keeping our products fresh for all you guys. Let us know what you want to see more of over on our socials and know you can always get ahold of us with email and messaging! 


Your Head Writing Geek.

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