Say Hello to the Head Geeks

Hello fellow Geeks! 

I'm Caitlin Hescock, better known as the Head Writing Geek. Most of the writing that will be coming out of us will be coming straight from these fingers. I will also be doing much of the behind-the-scenes communication right from the get-go. Of course, if you are asking for game reviews, or game rule reviews, you are more than likely going to get my husband. 

My husband, Shawn Hescock, better known as Head Game Geek is really the brains behind the games. This shop is his dream, and also gives him the chance to do something he really loves to do. He will be doing the game reviews, the rule reviews, and helping with any and all game development. I'm just here to make sure everything is grammatically correct and you don't have any glaring spelling or syntax issues. 

We are working on some other great products behind the scenes here that we hope to have ready for purchase very soon. Game development can take a long, long time, but with the finalization of another game we will have a secondary game for sale. More information on that game will come within the next couple of weeks! So be on the look out for that post.

Thank you all for joining us on this adventure as we attempt to do something we have never done before. Thank you for looking at our product, for being patient, and for putting your faith in our skills to do good work for you. Our family of geeks thanks you! 

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